Devotional series by the Crossroads Church Staff


Peace, Power, Promises

Psalms 68:19 

“Blessed be , the God of our the Lord who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation” 

Growing up we have often heard our peers and family members talk about getting a new job that offered benefits. Many have even agreed to take a lower-wage job with great benefits better than a higher wage with no benefits. Benefits offered by a job have great value. Benefits can include medical and dental insurance, sick pay, vacation days, retirement matching, company car allowance, housing allowance, and more. 

An individual who takes a $40,000.00 annual salary with benefits can come out with a benefits package that is worth close to $70,000.00 per year and most of the benefits are tax-deferred creating incredible tax advantages for the employee. 

As a Christ-follower, God loves us so much that He showers us with benefits. Here are a couple of the benefits from the psalmist:

  1. Peace: We have HIS peace so we do not have to walk in worry or fidget in FEAR ( false evidence appearing real).
  2. Power: We have the Spirit of God living the inside of US that is why the Word says ” Greater is He that is in us than he in the world. 
  3. Promises: All the promises of God are “yes” and “amen”. YES   mean yes and AMEN means to let it be so you can stand firm on God’s promises. 


Dear Lord,

I thank you for today’s daily break, I thank you for allowing me to be present and reading this devotion right now. I thank you for your Peace, Power, and Promises that you have given as your benefits as a child of God.  I declare today that You are more important than any benefit or gift You bestow upon me. I choose this day to rejoice and live out my purpose that brings glory to YOU oh King. In Jesus Name I pray Amen”

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