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The Purpose of the Crossroads Church Legacy Initiative is simple, to steward and build for the future at Crossroads Church. In order to steward and build in the way the Lord is leading us, The Legacy Initiative is a rolling short list of 5 items of focus to revitalize and renovate here at Crossroads Church. As an item is funded and completed, it will roll off the list and a new item will roll on the list. We ask you to make a commitment to pray and sow into what the Lord is doing here at Crossroads Church through the Legacy Initiative.

1. Seating

One of the first things we will seek to address is replacing and revitalizing our seating!

2. Flooring

Our carpet and flooring in and around our Main Auditorium needs to be addressed and refreshed.

3. Theatrical Rigging/Lighting

Whether it’s small can lights, curtains, or the most technical elements of our Main Auditorium, our electrical, lighting, and theatrical rigging are in need of repair and revitalization.

4. New A/C Units

It takes a lot of units to heat and cool our space and new A/C units are necessary.

5. Balcony Rail Replacement

Visibility is a challenge in our balcony. We are looking to upgrade the balcony rail with options for better and cleaner sight lines.

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