In Style

Thank you so much for checking out our website.  If you have clicked on the link to this page, it means you’ve seen our billboards across the city and you are curios about their meaning.  Let us take a moment to talk about them!

Let’s face it, in our world today things go in and out of style too quickly.  It seems like as soon as you get home with a new outfit or complete an interior design project, that “new” project or purchase is already out of style.

We believe there are certain things that “never” go out of style.  These concepts can be seen in God’s word-through the people God used.  These traits will never go out of style.  They will always be necessary and important to a full and impacting life.

We have highlighted traits from the following people in the Bible.  Moses, Mary, David, and Peter.  Each person we highlight from the Bible overcame great obstacles and exhibited Trust, Faith, Morals, and Courage.  All of these traits are essential in our lives.


Can you imagine being a young teenage girl, dreaming of her wedding day – only to be told that you were pregnant with the Son of God, the Savior of the World? Every dream and every plan disappearing like a puff of smoke.  Thankfully Mary trusted the message given to her by the Angel Gabriel.  Fully relying on God, Mary trusts His plan and His purpose for her. 


The Disciples found themselves caught in a storm, unsure of what to do or which way to go.  In the middle of the chaos, they witness an amazing miracle – Jesus walking on the water.  Full of Faith, Peter steps out of the boat and begins walking toward Jesus – his feet gripping nothing but the waves.  He stumbled and needed help – something that we all do…but it took great faith to get out of the boat!


Moses was the unexpected leader of an entire nation.  He led a “rag-tag” group of ex-slaves, Egyptians, and people from different backgrounds into a hard wilderness.  40 years later they emerged as a legitimate nation – complete with laws, a military, and infrastructure. During those 40 years God gave Moses the law.  This law was a set of morals for this new nation to adhere to.  Morals are always in fashion.  Morals will never go out of style! 


David, a teenage shepherd, stands across a battlefield from a battle-hardened warrior named Goliath.  The Bible tells us that Goliath stood almost 9 feet tall.  He was the champion of the entire Philistine army.  Armed with rocks, a sling, and courage David defeats Goliath – killing him with Goliath’s own sword.  This kind of courage will never go out of style!