Easter 2022 at Crossroads Church

| Sunday Morning revival | 10:30 am | April 17th |

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “revival” as being brought back to consciousness and to life.  We all need to be revival in our lives.   Whether it’s a new perspective, new dream, or a new way of doing things…we all need to be revived.  God’s word tells us that we need to be “made new” in Him.  It’s all about new life.  This is what we celebrate each year on Easter.  We celebrate that amazing Sunday morning when Jesus rose again from the dead so we can all have new life in Him.  Joing us for a Sunday Morning Revival at Crossroads!

Dynamic Worship
Performances by CC Brass & Co. 
Powerful Speaking


Free Donuts and Drip Coffee
1/2 Blended Drinks at our Coffee Shop
1/2 Italian Sodas

There will be a special catered breakfast at 9:30 am for all first time guests.