Social Distancing

Social Distancing Guidelines and Updates


Purpose: To give a clear and concise timeline as well as guidelines to ensure safe operations of Crossroads Church. This includes congregational meetings, small group meetings, and daily operations. The guidelines contained in this plan were compiled after careful review of Federal, State and Local guidance and guidance from the Assemblies of God presbytery.

*all guidelines for people 65+ and Vulnerable Individuals (per White House guidelines) will be in alignment with White House strategies and will only change upon directive from Government Agencies.

*All guidelines and timelines are subject to change based upon guidelines provided by our local, state, and national Government Agencies.

Congregational Meetings/Services Include:
Sunday Morning Discipleship Classes | 9AM

Sunday Morning Worship Service | 10:30AM. 

Wednesday Night Activities | 7PM

Other Activities Throughout the Week

These will change and expand as the threat of Covid-19 changes.


  1. Sunday AM service will continue to meet with Social Distancing practices in place
  2. Any congregant running a fever or showing symptoms of illness should stay home.
  3. All congregation members 65+ and vulnerable individuals (per White House guidelines) should follow safe recommended CDC practices and precautions.
  4. Doors will open no more than 30 minutes prior to service.
  5. Every 3rd pew will be open for seating, including the balcony (Pew designations should insure that no filled pews are directly across the aisle from each other.)
  6. All interior doors will be left open to minimize surface touches.
  7. Entrances will be limited to the 3 circular drive though areas, which have automatic doors and will have greeters assisting.
  8. All attendees are encouraged to wear masks while inside the building. Masks will be made available upon request.
  9. Volunteers dealing directly with people are required to wear masks while performing their duties (with the exception of being on stage). Masks will be provided, if needed.
  10. Staff are required to wear masks while performing their duties (with the exception of being on stage). Masks will be provided, if needed.
  11. A limited number of bathrooms will be open to ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting during service time as well as allowing proper monitoring of capacity.
  12. Offering buckets will be placed across the main auditorium and will not be passed.
  13. There will be no meet and greet time during the service. All forms of contact greeting are discouraged – use “air” handshakes and hugs.
  14. Only people that reside in the same household should sit together and no more than two households per pew sitting on opposite ends.
  15. Signage will be in place throughout the campus regarding proper distancing, non-contact greeting, seating guidelines and hygiene.
  16. All items in the back of pews will be removed.
  17. Discipleship classes will continue meeting
    • Social distancing practices are still encouraged (i.e. wearing of masks, no physical contact)
  18. Children’s ministries will be provided
    • Workers/Volunteers should wear masks when interacting with children within 6ft
    • Workers/Volunteers temperature will be checked before serving
  19.  Food and Drink will be available
    • Workers/volunteers should wear masks
    • Any congregant who feels they are high-risk should remain at home until they are comfortable returning to services/meetings.