Get all the info you need about our 2023 missions trip to brazil

Latest News Regarding Vaccinations:

Currently you do not have to be vaccinated to enter the country of Brazil!
If you ARE vaccinated, bring your vaccination card.
If you’re NOT vaccinated, you will need proof of a negative Covid test within 24 hours of travel
WHEN: September 1 st – 9 th (or 10 th ), 2023
COST: $2,000 (subject to change with airfare, etc.)

January 31 st – All applications are due
March 1 st – Deposit of $250 due (non-refundable)
April 1 st – $250 due (Total of $500)
May 1 st – $500 due (Total of $1,000)
June 1 st – $500 due (Total of $1,500)
July 1 st – $500 due (Total of $2,000)

February 19 th
April 16 th
June 4 th
July 16 th
August 20 th
August 27 th


We are sending two separate groups during during this missions trip.  We will depart OKC together and return together, but each group will work with diferent missionaries in a diferent part of Brazil


Rio, Brazil
 Led by Pastor Marc Johnson
 Urban Setting
 Sleeping in hotels
 Air conditioning
 Hot water
 Working with King’s Castle
 Missionaries Esdras & Michelle Orantes
 Doing a broad range of ministry, primarily focused on schools & outreach,
as well as possibly painting and rehabbing the campground used for
missions training for King’s Castle Brazil.
 Anyone over 18 can apply
 Anyone 13-17 may apply as long as their parent is also on the same trip


Manaus, Brazil
 Led by Pastor Talena Johnson
 The Amazon
 Sleeping in ________(most likely rural campgrounds, hammocks, or
possibly a “houseboat” on the Amazon)
 No promises of air conditioning and indoor plumbing
 Working with rural churches and doing primarily “house” ministry
 Intense Spiritual interactions possible
 Missionaries Josh & Lisa Sears
 LOTS OF WALKING and UNKNOWN itineraries
 Anyone over 18 can apply
 Anyone 16-17 may apply as long as their parent is also on the same trip


Brazil is the largest country in South America at roughly the same size as the
continental U.S.
Around 25% of the country professes to be evangelical, however Afro-Brazilian
religions, indigenous religions, and spiritism are also extremely common and
entrenched in the overall culture of the nation. Spiritism is the belief that all living
beings, including animals, are immortal spirits trapped in physical bodies and can
interact and potentially heal through mediums with other spirits. It is the largest
non-Christian religion in Brazil and is syncretistic with other Afro-Brazilian
Brazil is also home to 48 unreached people groups, 91 minimally reached people
groups, and 24 superficially reached people groups, many of which are found in
and around the Amazon Rainforest.

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